About Prevent Pests

We are a pest control company serving Mid-Michigan. Our mission is to protect people and property from the harmful effects of pests.

What makes Prevent Pestsdifferent?

We believe protecting people and property from the harmful effects of pests will make the world a happier and healthier place.

With every treatment we provide, we are dedicated to going above and beyond routine pest control measures, creating environments where families can live without worry, and businesses can grow without interruption. 

We focus on the customer first, offering help however we can. Our technicians are experienced and professional, and we’re committed to being the most convenient pest control solution in Michigan.

We’re so confident you will be happy with our service that we offer the 30-day Prevent Guarantee. Contact Prevent Pests for a pest control experience unlike any other.

Meet the Team

Preston Neal

Preston Neal

Operations Manager

Preston is our subject matter expert regarding all things pest control. With a decade of experience in the industry, his knowledge and expertise serve as the foundation of the excellent service we are able to offer each day. He’s not just passionate about solving pest problems; his primary focus is serving people and finding creative solutions to their issues. Preston is happily married with two children and enjoys singing and playing guitar in his spare time. He also has a solid southern accent.

David Wenzlick

David Wenzlick


As our Integrator, David is the driving force behind our operational excellence. With a background of many years as an EOS Integrator, David has dedicated his career to optimizing business operations. His expertise in working with various companies as a Fractional Integrator has not only sharpened his skills but also fueled his passion for empowering business owners to achieve peak performance. David is married with four children and enjoys playing hockey and driving anything with wheels or wings!

Ethan Painter

Ethan Painter

Marketing Manager

Ethan is the creative mind behind our brand’s presence and is focused on spreading the word about our services to as many people as possible. With over a decade running a marketing agency and a video production company, his skills and marketing experience have allowed Prevent Pests to quickly gain market share and help countless people solve their pest problems. Ethan married his high-school sweetheart and has six children. He has a small hobby farm and enjoys spending time outside whenever possible.

We care about what we do and how we do it because we know we’re working for a higher purpose. We believe we were created by God to love and serve others, and that mission drives everything we do.


We promise to serve you with integrity.



-Preston, David, and Ethan